[Land-speed] Non LSR but w/implications

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Jan 31 14:58:19 MST 2008

Wes, you are just too funny! We wont even bury waste in Yucky Mountain 
here so what are we going to do with a country full of nuclear waste? 
Say they sell 10,000 of these to American users... who gets the boill 
for dumping the wastes? Where does it go? And how long will it take the 
NRC to approve this thing? Right now the environmental impact statement 
can take 10 years to get through the system and that includes no 
construction time at all. Then where do we get lithium 6 isotops for the 
nuetron absorber?  I think I will let the first accident be in Japan, 

and yet... nah...to many side effects, mainly watse products... remember 
our plants were originally going to make power too cheap to meter! Well, 
that certainly didn't happen.

I wonder what these doohickeys cost? A big plant has a 1000 megawatts 
electrical and about 3000 megawatts thermal energy... 100x smaller that 
would be 10 megawatts and 30 megawatts thermal. That is a LOT of waste 

nah, I'll pass...

but clever, none the less... but wait...maybe we coould sell them to the 
Taliban or Islamic countries? Tell them that it is absolutely safe?

Wester Potter wrote:

>Cheaper electricity could make battery power and hydrogen production  
>more affordable.  This is interesting!
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