[Land-speed] Salt Report?

Tom Bryant saltracer at awwwsome.com
Mon Jul 30 09:33:03 MDT 2007


The word I got on Friday was that the salt is under water. Someone from the
USFRA  was suppose to go and check conditions over the weekend. I should
know more today. It is understandable that many are interested in this so
when I hear more, I will post it.

Tom, Redding CA - #216 D/FCC

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From: drmayf
Date: 7/29/2007 7:17:54 PM
Subject: [Land-speed] Salt Report?

Chatted briefly today with Jon Amo and he mentioned some rain just past
few days and a chance of some more in the near future... Has anyone got
a good salt update? Is it wet, dry and hard (I wish),  under water, or
what? Do I need a barge to get to the course?

Only a few days to go..


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