[Land-speed] test: ' can you hear me now? '

Doug Anderson boogiewoogie12 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 23 21:47:49 MDT 2007

      just don't ever forget how lucky you dawgs are....

         " totally bummed, "

   cheers, "Dirt Track Doug" in So. New York,

  -18 miles from Square Deal Raceway,
  -20 miles east of Action Park Speedway,
  -60 miles northeast of Champion Speedway
  -105 miles south of "the  Syracuse  Mile" ...
  -265 miles north of Williams Grove Speedway
  -2425 miles due east of the Bonneville Salt Flats
          and never more than a few feet from a cold one

  -'point man' in the never-ending search for Hot Blues,
                          Cold Beer, Fast Cars, an' Warm Willin' Wimin'

  Speedway Bikes, Harley D's and Minibikes rode with equal joy,
  Dog Training, Murdersickel parts, Emergency Zeppelin repairs,
  Aerial Surveillance, Politics exposed for what it is, Sprint Cars,

    -and "Slide Jobs" appreciated for the FINE ART that they are

  ------------------------------------- oooo 

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Thanks for the replies guys!! All is now right in the LSR Universe. Well 
maybe not quite. A new 500 room Wendover Hotel in the nest 2 weeks would be 
nice. Hey, save me a Brat or Pastie for Salt Talks!

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah


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