[Land-speed] My Ford Shovel

Chris Harris yesford at clear.net.nz
Wed Jul 18 17:02:55 MDT 2007

Hi Gary,
Really enjoyed your site. Great to see the inner construction of your record
setter, terrific work.
Looking at your footage, that crash seemed so instant, like no time to react,
makes all that expert construction worth the effort.
All the best for Speedweek, will catch up again in 08 my friend.
Chris Harris.........New Zealand.

Gary C Hensley
Phone: 248-670-0883
Team Arrow Racing #1150B
World Land Speed Record Holder
S-G-650  210.728 mph August 21, 2004
Fastest 500 cc Motorcycle on the Planet 228.559mph August 18, 2006
HYPERLINK "http://www.arrowracing.org/"http://www.arrowracing.org/

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