[Land-speed] Corn and Ethanol, not LSR

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This is what we did during WWII. I grew up in Alabama where largequantities of
hemp were grown for the war effort. When the war ended,ALL of the fields were
burned and plowed under. But,through the years, Mother Nature had blown seeds
far & wideand it was common to find it growing along the highway even.
TheCannibus level was so low that you couldn't get high off it, but it
wasstill illegal under federal law, so a great campaign was launched
toeradicate it. This was done at the same time, by the same geniouses,that
decided we needed Kudzu for erosion control. Been to theSouth lately? Hemp
lost and Kudzu took over Dixie!

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>We could grow food for vehicles, but not without changing a couple laws.
>Hemp people!
>Every single product produced with petroleum (especially plastics!!!!)
>could be produced with hemp. The seeds have higher protien than any
>other plant (except soy) and fiber could be used to make everything
>from fabric, ropes and linens to fiberglass. The cellulose material
>can be used to make paper, and building materials (think fiberboard,
>just stronger and lighter). Not to mention hemp seed oil for
>lubrication (the Navy's preferred lubricant!) and or course fuel.
>(hempseed oil used to be used in lanterns instead of kerosene)
>It's a shame the fed has their head up Bush's ass. Good thing
>California is finally jumping on the bandwagon and making an attempt
>to legalize the farming of Industrial Hemp. Going to make me a lot of
>money when they do. (do you know how many TONS of hemp are IMPORTED
>into the US every year?!?! U.S. retailers import 1.9+ million pounds
>of hemp fiber and 450,000+ pounds of hemp seeds from Canada because of
>bans on growing hemp in the United States)
>Oh, yea, and the hemp plant is a weed, so it needs no fertilizers, no
>pesticides, and when it's harvested, it's just clearcut, leaving a
>massive root system to be reclaimed by the earth for the next years
>crop... this leaves the soil healthier each year (quite the opposite
>of corn) so crop rotation wouldn't even be needed.
>Course, this would solve too many issues that our nation faces all at
>once, so the restrictive government that's slowly taken over couldn't
>possibly allow that!

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