[Land-speed] Alternate Fuels

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Sun Jul 15 15:10:34 MDT 2007

Thinking of KT ... It's a good thing Diet Coke doesn't use a corn syrup sweetener.  Can you imagine where the price of Keith's drink of choice would excalate?


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From: Skip Higginbotham <saltrat at pahrump.com>
> There is no saying that we don't have a variety of interests on this 
> list!!!! (-:(-:
> Skip (The beer price worries me)
> At 10:59 AM 7/15/2007, ed at vetteracing.com wrote:
> >You left out the most important objection to the production of 
> >ethenol........ It has caused the price of beer to go up 
> >dramatically!!!  With the price of corn soaring to produce ethanol, 
> >farmers are plowing under hops to join the party, and the price at 
> >the pump has increased accordingly! (the beer pump, of course)  Then 
> >of course there are the tortilla riots in Mexico......  Maybe if we 
> >planted sugar cane like the do in Brazil
> >Ed

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