[Land-speed] Alternate Fuels

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Sun Jul 15 12:40:39 MDT 2007

Sugar cane? Maybe in Louisana. Have you seen much of it growing in 
Phoenix. lol? Needs a bit more of a tropical climate. Now sugar beets 
may be a different story.  But burning it still produces bad pollutants 
( aldehydes). But it will be fearsome indeed if the beer drinkers unite 
with the tortilla rioters.

ed at vetteracing.com wrote:

>You left out the most important objection to the production ofethenol........
>It has caused the price of beer to go updramatically!!! With the price of corn
>soaring to produceethanol, farmers are plowing under hops to join the party,
>and theprice at the pump has increased accordingly! (the beer pump, ofcourse)
>Then of course there are the tortilla riots inMexico...... Maybe if we planted
>sugar cane like the do in Brazil
>>Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Alternate Fuels
>>I was just reading that ethanol takes anywhere from three quarters of
>>a gallon to a gallon and a quarter of fossil fuel to produce. It must
>>be transported by tanker truck since it tears pipes apart and when
>>left in your gas tank the water separates. All good things for your
>>fuel system. Why are we pursuing this direction?
>>Bob D.
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