[Land-speed] Alternate Fuels

Skip Higginbotham saltrat at pahrump.com
Sun Jul 15 11:07:17 MDT 2007

OK, I'm completely out of it.....what is ADM?

At 09:26 AM 7/15/2007, Bryan Savage wrote:

>Because ADM ordered Congress to do so.
>Robert J. Denton wrote:
>>I was just reading that ethanol takes anywhere from three quarters of
>>a gallon to a gallon and a quarter of fossil fuel to produce. It must
>>be transported by tanker truck since it tears pipes apart and when
>>left in your gas tank the water separates. All good things for your
>>fuel system. Why are we pursuing this direction?
>>Bob D.
>>On 7/15/07, Skip Higginbotham <Saltrat at pahrump.com> wrote:
>>>Now if you want to use a fuel that has energy and is proven to be as
>>>easy to handle as propane albeit a bit more smelly (understatement),
>>>why not use anhydrous ammonia? Meter it like we meter propane. I have
>>>safely transferred thousands of gallons of the stuff from trailer
>>>tanks to tractor tanks for fertilizing fields. Same/similar safety
>>>precautions as propane for a road vehicle should work.
>>b.a.savage at wildblue.net
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