[Land-speed] Hydrogen Vehicles And Safety>From>Jim McNaul

Bryan Savage b.a.savage at wildblue.net
Sat Jul 14 20:03:49 MDT 2007

Wouldn't Ford go to the NASA technology transfer folks for about 40 years
worth of experience Mayf.
I'd go to them for a list of unknowns so I don't get blind sided.

drmayf wrote:
> That's a pretty impressive experience base. I wonder how many of them 
> have endo'e at B'ville? In a one off car with extra fuel cells and extra 
> h2 tanks. With lot sof ice water cooling tanks. I just want inspection 
> to be very rigorous when it comes to safety for the driver and any 
> response folk who have to potentially clean up a mess.
> mayf

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