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Thu Jul 12 16:01:37 MDT 2007

Great source of batteries for the racers who were there the day they packed it in.
That pyramid must have been ten betteries high at one time.


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From: "Jon Amo" <webmaster at landracing.com>
> Glen,
> It got off the starting line, just only went a few think If I remember... I
> remember the electric streamliner like it was yesterday...The crane they had
> to get it off the flatbed on the salt... And talk about a huge crew... We
> camped at KOA that year and I had some of them drawing pictures of it on
> napkins about the internals... The owner went back and I heard was viewed as
> failure went backrupt and not really heard from again. The Kenwood Electric
> Car.
> jon

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