[Land-speed] So Ford and Ohio Sstate ...

wester6935 at comcast.net wester6935 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 12 15:56:19 MDT 2007

I'm hearing a lot of comments on the Ford entry but nothing about the Ohio State Buckeye Bullet that is running the same technology.  They had an air conditioning unit for their batteries the last time they were on the salt.  That was quite the entourage at the starting line.  They are salt veterans, record holders and supposedly are going to be as quick as any other car.  Consider though, that this is a student effort, the team will change due to graduation and the team leader is probably the only constant in the crew.  I don't know who the driver will be this year but I'm guessing he has the licensing runs taken care of.  Will they hold up lines?  Who knows. 


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