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Glen Barrett speedtimer at beyondbb.com
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All of the safety issues with these Hydrogen vehicles have been addressed 
and they will be in their own pit section during speed week. Roy Creel is 
the fire guy that has been involved and the ERT's will be aware of what to 
expect from the vehicles. The people behind these vehicles know what to do 
and have the necessary equipment to handle any emergency in the pit area. I 
am sure there will be restrictions to the vehicles from the spectators and 
racers. Lets work with them and help where we can. I hope all goes well and 
they run fast.
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> Mayf,
> "And this is not a race vehicle. It is a PR vehicle."
> Really... I guess the full roll cage, the lowering of the vehicle, the
> extensive wind tunnel work, the fire systems, the tires etc etc are all 
> for
> show and were just done for appearance looks to the consumer, doubt it...
> Just as much a race vehicle as your sunbeam. I guess Im ready to go head 
> to
> head with the good Dr. to argue this one... All in good fun Dr. Mayf...
> "The point is that none of us really know how to inspect the car except 
> for
> the normal IC engine stuff."
> Really... So the SCTA inspectors have never inspected a turbine powered
> vehicle, an electric vehicle and a hydrogen powered vehicle before... Not
> true...
> "What about fire safety? Who is going to know how to fight that battle if 
> it
> gets on fire?"
> Make sure the safety pressure valves work, in event of fire you must have 
> to
> see it first, keep a straw broom handy since it burns pale blue and may by
> hard to detect, have an outside source for turning off hydrogen valve to
> stop flow of gas, keep storage tank cool by spraying water on it, and do 
> not
> put the fire out they say let it burn out. IF it needs to be out NOW, any
> type of firefighting agent will work, dry powder suggested.
> Sure maybe not all your questions are answered, and maybe not to your
> liking, but the answers are out there, and im sure somebody has done their
> homework. It could be the Fire and Ambulance emergency crews already know
> about what is being run on the salt and have done their homework.. I guess
> we could test them and ask them if they have a broom...
> Jon
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