[Land-speed] Can anyone confirm this? Not LSR

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Jul 12 12:08:48 MDT 2007

My old drag boat had a spiffy Italian racing prop and was a hydroplane. 
The only things touching th ewater after lift off was the back edges of 
the sponsons and the transome a littl ebit. For a first timer, sponson 
walk, was a bit scary at speed...

ddahlgren at snet.net wrote:

>He is right.. Most racing boats have twin engines so one prop cancels
>the other.. And if a real race boat you need a throttle man as well..If
>not like a hydroplane center steer.. BTW racing boats literally fly and
>the only thing in the water is the prop..
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>Question was why are boat steering wheels on the right side?  This was
>the answer posted by one respondent.
>Boat propellers turn clockwise, sez Leon, and hulls used to be designed
>in such a way that when there was torque on the prop, the right side of
>the boat would rise up. So the wheel was put on the right, so the
>weight of these "healthy sized" fishermen would counteract that. As
>long as they didn't put the beer cooler on the left, which would throw
>everything off. This is not a problem with modern hulls, but the design
>stuck. Racing boats, however usually have the wheel on the left, like
>American cars.

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