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Actually, the SoCal car that set a record was a stock bodied Cobalt. I have
no idea of engine location, front/rear drive on that car.  I guess I was always 
more enamored with the other projects they were playing with. The HHR
was modified the way it was to avoid some pre-release spy shots from what I 
was told by some of the attending crew.  Whether that is correct or not is
not that important.  Remember, it was on the salt a couple of years before 
the production HHR's made an appearance.  That car was well buile for safety 
as the crash video has shown

With Rick's experience on the salt I'm sure the car he is driving will be very
safe.  He had some major input early on in the project.  Being a retired Ford
engineer does have some influence when it goes with a 2 Club hat, even 
with Roush.  He's in the same situation some of us used to be in at school.
You caught more flack at home after a problem all was cleared at school.  
Glynis would not be very forgiving if he hurt himself while racing.  Remember 
he still has that lakester to sort out.


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> >>We have built a VERY safe car, with  and I am quite excited about the 
> >opportunity given  me.  As I said earlier, I am blessed.
> >
> >Rick Byrnes
> >
> >
> >I'm sure there will be more info coming
> Rick you have good fortune. I hope Ford's interest does not cause the "circus" 
> event that many of the others have. By the meager explanation the vehicle is not 
> anything anyone could ever own but shows some potential for someone. 
> GM's "joke" (my opinion) with SoCal by building a car, changing the drive train. 
> chopping the top, etc and then saying we have the fastest Cobalt, HHR, etc does 
> not improve an image or impress me at all. I can't buy it so why do it. Sorry my 
> feeling. 
> If I had all the money they have I would ask them to bring out an engine in my 
> pickup that was not using the public as a test bench then complain when it 
> doesn't work out. 
> With over 500 entries and the circus which happens each time one of these cars 
> leave the line or end up in impounds makes toleration difficult at best for the 
> average guy wanting to run his car. Hey it happens and we know it. 
> Publicity is good but if none of these vehicles ever showed up the meet would go 
> on like it always have, no big deal. I hope someone learns something from this. 
> Another opinion, Hydogen cars will never work out in mass. Ethanol cars will be 
> another joke as soon as owners find out 15 gallons won't take you anywhere and 
> maintenance cost have yet to be stated. 
> OK it's everyones turn to yell at me....JD   
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