[Land-speed] TOE IN

DougOdom dlodom at charter.net
Wed Jul 11 16:33:11 MDT 2007

Otto, You are correct! I build my race cars with zero ackerman. I want 
both front tires pointed in the direction I'm trying to go with a race 
car.      Doug Odom in big ditch

> Hi Doug
> For Ackerman to be correct, the angle of the steering arm in relation 
> to the centerline of the wheel/tire needs to be proper. If you draw a 
> straight line from the king pin/center spindle through the steering 
> arm heim/tie rod end pivot it should intersect at the center of the 
> rear axle.
> If it doesn't intersect in the middle, change the steering arm angle 
> to the wheel centerline until it does.
> Changing the length of the steering arm only changes the turn radius 
> and steering ratio and has no effect on Ackerman.
> Otto
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