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Rick Byrnes Rick at RBMotorsports.com
Wed Jul 11 10:33:07 MDT 2007

OK, now I can finally talk about it publicly.
Ford came to me thru Roush Ind. to help build a safe, legal race car using 
Hydrogen power for a large array of fuel cells.  Safe for LSR that is, and 
safe for me....
I am also under contract to drive the car at Speed Week this year.  We have 
done some testing with battery power, and will test tomorrow on a chassis 
dyno with full functioning fuel cells and this weekend at the test track. 
The fuel cell tray is on line making power, and is ready to go.
The car is, as the articles say, a highly modified Fusion with lots of aero 
work, and will run for Time Only.  There actually is no class for production 
based electric cars, but that is achedemic.  The group of Ford Research 
scientists and engineers are demonstrating their level of expertise with 
Hydrogen powered fuel cells, and It is considerable.  I won't try to 
describe the technical detail the car because it will speak for itself,  I'm 
just the driver.  I'm certain though that the LSR community will like the 
car and the presence of Ford at Speed Week.  We have been attempting to be 
really low key with this deal, but as you might imagine it is becomming 
harder.   The logistics of such a complex program sort of demands lots of 
people and support.   The Ford engineering community has been working with 
SCTA so there will NOT be any surprises.
As for the car itself, it is rear wheel drive, quite conventional using a 
Ford GT gear box, and custom built suspension.  The chassis if full boogie 
race car with a funny car/pro stock "Halo" type cage and a full containment 
NASCAR type seat, but lay down of 30 degrees.  The driver compartment is 
really small and basically built around me, an average height guy of 5'4" 
tall and 200 lbs :=d   (actually less than that when I can finally zip up my 
fire suit.
We have built a VERY safe car, with  and I am quite excited about the 
opportunity given  me.  As I said earlier, I am blessed.

Rick Byrnes

I'm sure there will be more info coming

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