[Land-speed] EFI lessons

Sparky sparky.2211 at cox.net
Tue Jul 10 10:57:39 MDT 2007

1.  FAST injectors ground with activation of the electric fuel pump.  No
electric pump---no ground for the injectors---no squirt !!!!!

2.. FAST wiring harness are wired for GM sensors and controlers---some off
breed (Chrysler) sensors look and feel like GM--- BUT are wired much

          TPS only 2 wires but have to be cut and switched.

          IAC 4 wires wired very different from GM --but will interchange as
for as bolt on and plug in.

 some of this can bee very simple once you understand there function and a way
to test them---dont always have to have expensive testors..  I was working
with a guy who is very good and I was able to help the cause by asking trouble
shooting questions, and more questions---I was able to stay and help but I
paid for the education in more ways than I might be aware of.

OHHH!!!!!!!! if you are going to try to chassic dyno tune---have a car with
clutch or torque converter---direct drive autos dont work????

AA/_ L  2211

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