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Doug Anderson boogiewoogie12 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 18:57:47 MDT 2007

  Wes & List,

   Speaking of whom, does anyone know how our friend Joaquin is doing ?

   I haven't seen him in years.  A great guy...  -a craftsman.    And funny.

         " keep your friends, you don't get many  "

  cheers, "Dirt Track Doug" in So. New York,

  -18 miles from Square Deal Raceway,
  -20 miles east of Action Park Speedway,
  -50 miles northeast of Champion Speedway
  -105 miles south of "the  Syracuse  Mile" ...
  -265 miles north of Williams Grove Speedway
  -2425 miles due east of the Bonneville Salt Flats
          and never more than a few feet from a cold one


From: wester6935 at comcast.net

I believe Joaquin Arnett actually published something about this.
They used in line front wheels on one of the Bean Bandit liners.
I seem to remember that Joaquin received some recognition for the 



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From: Skip Higginbotham <saltrat at pahrump.com>
 > Now suppose that you run a streamliner with an in-line front end. At
 > what point in the turn radius do you line up the wheels/tires? And if
 > the answer is "straight" how does one do that? Straightedge along the
 > sides of the tires? Which tire is master and which is slave? With any
 > real accuracy, I don't know where the toe in is on my car.

 > Skip

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