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Here ya go. You have Ballons out on OCT 21st, no late night partying for

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Hello all!

Life has been crazy for me since my mom & sister's passing in January.
The biggest pieces of wisdom I have learned in the passed six months

1. Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.
2. Set up a Living Trust. Probate is awfully expensive, time consuming
and tedious.

Now to what I've come looking for...I signed up some time ago for my
lakes meet duty with my club, the Sidewinders. However, now I can't
remember what month it was for and I've also misplaced my club schedule!
Really, I am usually not this disorganized!

So, if any one of you are a Sidewinder and you have the schedule, could
you look at it for me? I think I signed up for setting up balloons in
the fall.

Thanks and take care!
Katie Young Cortez
#256 XXO/VGC record holder
mike.meierle at alcatel-lucent.com

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