[Land-speed] OT: Green House Gases.. and an Electrolysis Question or 2..

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Sun Jul 8 20:37:29 MDT 2007

Hmmm, I wan't aware of any particualy odius political content to either 
of the 2 technical questions I asked. What part was political? Was it 
the part where I asked how the greenhouse gases work? Or the one that 
asked how to figure out electrolysis? Seems neither of those is 
particularly political.  The green house gases intrigue me and so why 
would I not ask a list that has a zillion people who might have some 
experience in these matters?  Ditto with electrolysis since I saw a TV 
clip where a guy claims he can drive his car on water. Has some kind of 
electrolysis doohickey that seems to be able to make enough h2 and o2 to 
assist in the operation of the motor in his car. Where's the politics in 
So, I will keep asking technical questions and prefacing them with "OT" 
which stands for off topic and for you to hit the delete key before 
engaging the message.


Jimwprice at aol.com wrote:

>Please, please, please.  Keep the politics somewhere else. This is  supposed 
>to be an LSR site.
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