[Land-speed] No LSR---Frank Fiore

Doug Anderson boogiewoogie12 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 21:20:34 MDT 2007

Hi Rich,   wondering here... I know a Joe Fiore back east here...

Big-time into restoring 'vintage' open wheel race cars...  and darn good at 
it too.

  Let me sit in one of the old Parnelli Jones Silver Crown cars (circa 
    he had just finished restoring once upon a time at Lime Rock Park
       when I screwd up enough 'courage' to ask if I could.

     and I've got picture proof.  ;- )      Nice guy, that Joe.

  - his sister 'was' / is  scorer for the URC.   Can this be the same family 

     I'd be willing to bet it is...    Joe must be 65-67 now   sister prolly 

     It seems ever'day we lose more of'em...

      regards ,  Dirt Track Doug

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Subject: [Land-speed] No LSR---Frank Fiore
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Today I read in the paper that Frank Fiore had died. I doubt any one here
knows who he was, but when I went to work at the airline in '65 he was 
out to me right away. Frank was a lead mechanic at the Line Maintenance 
at SFO. And Frank had driven at Indy. For years after I went to work there
Frank continued to own and run an Indy car at the Indy 500. The really big
time. My shop steward had a 270 Offy powered sprinter he maintained for one 
the foreman. But Frank was part of the 500. I don't think just regular guys
still run in the 500.

He was a hero to a lot of us.  RF


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