[Land-speed] Tig welding thoughts...

Phillip Landry saltracer at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 05:49:31 MDT 2007

The frayed blue jeans I was welding with was in the crutch area....got 
pretty exciting for a little while. Phil

>From: "Mobley-Anderson" <mactem at mebtel.net>
>To: "'LSR'" <land-speed at autox.team.net>
>Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Tig welding thoughts...
>Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 07:14:54 -0400
>Once I was stick welding in jeans that had frayed cuffs.  I felt my leg
>getting warm and looked down and my pants were on fire! I did some
>exercises and then stuck my foot in a 5 gallon pail of water I kept
>nearby.  Never welded while in frayed pants again.

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