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ed at vetteracing.com ed at vetteracing.com
Thu Jul 5 12:50:17 MDT 2007

Well, after almost a month on the road, seeing the Southern portion ofthe US
through a Corvette windshield, I've finally made it home....Just in time for
116 degree heat.. One of the highlites of he trip hadto be a week-end at
Maxton. What a gem they have tucked away in thewoods there! Special thanks to
the Turks & Timneys for the VIPtreatment. Sooo., it's back to my non-air
conditioned shop towork on the car some more. At last the weatherman is
calling forthe temperature to plunge to 110 by this week-end............

Ed Van Scoy
#128 B/GT Corvette
SCTA-BNI/Gear Grinder

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