[Land-speed] Tig welding thoughts...

Joe Timney joetimney at dol.net
Thu Jul 5 09:23:51 MDT 2007

First of all, Keith's little writeup cracked me up!!!LOL Oh, I have done 
all of those things...AND MORE!!!
I use stick to weld the tubes to the center section of 12 bolt Chevy and 
Dana rears for drag racers. I use All-state 275 electrode for high 
alloy, carbon steel or SS. it is the only rod I have found that is crack 
resistant. Of course, pre and post heating is critical for this type of 
Other than that, I use stick when I'm building Bridges!!!

Come on down to Delaware and spend the afternoon welding all your heart 
can stand.

Want1937hd at aol.com wrote:
> To me there is something magical when I read about TIG welding, brings back 
> great memories of TIG welding GP Bugatti body work. That was 23 years ago but 
> just reading TIG will give me a flashback to those times. The shop had an old 
> machine and it would only work on aluminum, some day before I croke I want a 
> shot at TIG welding steel, they say if I can still do aluminum I should be able 
> to do steel.Nothing quite that roll of dimes look the TIG bead gives you.  
> Remember stick welding? Does anyone still use that? Bob in connecticut
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