[Land-speed] NON LSR Frustratioin

Scott Cowle SCowle at mentorcollege.edu
Wed Jul 4 08:19:24 MDT 2007

Hi Sparky -I go to a parts supplier in my home town who actually tells me
right up front what the good parts are and what is the crap stuff,and he has
never been wrong yet. It goes a long way when you can get that kind of help.

>>> "Sparky" <sparky.2211 at cox.net> 7/4/2007 10:03 AM >>>
I am Whining---I know I know  no whining allowed!!!!!!!!!! in
LSR----manufacturing tolerances---Brand Names that FORMERLY had good
reputations for quality now nearly all have overseas supliers-- the
can be horrible and MOST will not own up to it --- just bought a new flex
plate has more run out than the new starter has shims---I am not  the first
this list that this has cost time and money---get a commitment on how they
will handle the problem
AA/_ L  2211
scowle at mentorcollege.edu

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