[Land-speed] Fire Bottle Question

Joe Timney joetimney at dol.net
Mon Jul 2 20:58:19 MDT 2007

	Halon extinguisher manufacturers will not be able to re cert or refill 
after Dec 2007. Halon does not go bad but the valving and pressure 
rupture discs are suspect after several years. Some organizations, NHRA 
for one, have mandated annual and semi annual inspection of the systems. 
We should send our bottles back to the manufacturer every five years.
	By the way, Halon is still the best extinguisher product ever!!! Oh 
course, you can't breath it or you pass out due to lack of oxygen. 		 
The replacement gas agent, FE36 is not near as good. The other 
replacement agent, foam does a good job but needs to have a bladder 
separating it from the propellant to get all of the foam on the fire, 
nitrogen molecules are smaller than foam/water so they come out faster, 
leaving 1/3 of the agent in the bottle. 			
	The manufacturer I currently sell for will have a dual gas & foam unit 
out in the fall. I have witnessed the testing, the foam cools the FE36 
and the FE36 excites the foam into a better product.

I have gotten one hell of an education selling systems for many years. 
Attending the SFI conferences at PRI every year has also really helped.

My two cents,

drmayf wrote:
> Do our halon fire bottle age out? Is there a specified amount of time 
> that they can be used before we have to replace them? Just curious..
> mayf
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