[Land-speed] NON LSR : Good Sunday morning laugh

adin at frontier.net adin at frontier.net
Sun Dec 23 14:10:46 MST 2007

.44 magnum - makes a mess but no smell.
.22 - cleaner but stinky.
Been there, done that.

btw, a friend tried to drown a skunk by submerging the trap in the
irrigation ditch for about a 1/2 hour.  One wet and pissed off skunk.

David, skunk boy in durango  (Durango, CO if you are wondering.)

Quoting DougOdom <dlodom at charter.net>:

> Now I live kind of in the country so we have had chickens  10-12  for
> eggs ( no crowing roosters ). Now this last week something has been
> getting in a killing 2 or three chickens a night. I set a trap outside
> the chicken house and catch the opposem and take it away. This happens
> every 5 or 6 years. Now this morning I get up and I got a skunk in the
> trap.  So if you think you have a problem today just ask yourself if you
> want to trade problems with me?
> Doug Odom in big ditch......trying to figure out how to get the skunk
> out of the trap without him going off.   LOL
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