[Land-speed] Targets...

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Dec 13 17:54:36 MST 2007

Keith, all, I am feeling better now that my past weeks activities are 
out of the way. Another post has the explanation for my bad behavior, 
thats my story and I'm sticking to it...

Now, targets are interesting... to me a target is something different. A 
target is something you take action */against. /*By that I mean, police 
target criminals, the military targets enemies,  shooters shoot targets, 
well, you get the drift of my thinking A target to me was a Soviet silo 
maybe 10,000 miles away. Targets usually have something bad happen to 
them or it.  What term would I have chosen instead of stationary target? 
Well,  I don't know...but in any case the week past is past and now off 
to a new one, I just pushed   the reset button on my end and I am 
rebooting in a better frame of mind.


Keith Turk wrote:

> Here's my world... it's not real fancy..
> Ya got two kinds of targets each further broken down into two 
> categorys...
> Pre-planned targets...  dictated from higher in a briefing and on your 
> target list...
> Targets of opportunity...  things that pop up in the gun sites...  
> look like fun and generally cause you the most grief during your 
> debrief and court martial.
> All targets of any nature can be Moving or Sationary...  Moving 
> targets involve lots of thought...  Projectile drift, Trajactory 
> shift, Porjectile Jump,.... so on and so forth... and constitute a 
> real pain in the ass to hit.... but give high scores in during the 
> debrief of the gun tapes... ( think lots of high fiving and stuff like 
> that ... mostly childish Pilot stuff... puffing out of chests and junk 
> ... you get the idea )( Think:  BIG watch, needle dick, looking for a 
> place to write a check )
> Now Stationary targets... they are easy... not much thought 
> involved... and a stationary target of opportunity... well it's just 
> one of those things that WAY to easy not to pass up...
> ....  So I get this e-mail about a plaque that's obviously a 
> mistake... Here is a target of opportunity... See I poke fun at my 
> friends... and since your my friend...well ... there you go...  Your 
> now a target ... and in this case a target of opportunity...  cause I 
> sure wasn't briefed by anyone for this mission....it's a target of 
> opportunity...  and since that little e-mail was just sitting there on 
> my screen for me to reply at my leasure... it was a target of 
> opportunity that was stationary in nature...  hmmm Switches Hot, ...  
> High bo diddley bop... 12 full rounds will hit the spot...
> Mayf... in other words... of course your smart... of course I was 
> teasing... of course your my friend, and next time... remember I play 
> with words like you play with Math... it's fun... I sure would never 
> intent to offend or cause harm... Please accept my apology if you felt 
> that way...
> Keith

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