[Land-speed] Non-LSR Caddy Bumpers etc...

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Randy old Ben Franklin wrote the original manual on barn finds entitled 
"Advice to a Young Man Upon the Selection of a Mistress" which notes the 
wonderful qualities of mature women including the fact that they age from 
the top down-- should be required reading for every male past the age of 


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> Wes -
> Speaking of juvenile memories - I was reminiscing with  an old  high 
> school buddy  when  the subject came around to  a girl we grew up with - 
> she was as drop dead gorgeous as any female on the planet.    I allowed 
> that since I haven't seen her since the day she came home from college for 
> her 19th birthday,  maybe she still looks exactly the same - you know - 
> frozen in time like that mythical split window '63 in old man Thompsons 
> barn....     He commented  that  he'd just seen her a few weeks ago, and 
> that she was a real barn-find, alright
> Oh, yeah, and they didn't call them Caddy bumpers  "Dagmar's" for 
> nothin'....
> Mark C

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