[Land-speed] Dash Plaques..

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Mon Dec 10 14:52:10 MST 2007

I am not sure I could call it spinning at speed! More of a slip and 
slide as I never ran over the chute tow and it didn't come by my face 
and wrap around my neck although there are some who were hopin', lol. 
ANd I was completely through with the run, had passed the 4 mile mark 
where I  had qualified so that was enough. Because the rear end had 
moved sideways about 3/4 inch., the tow line attach point had moved 
about 1 1/2 inch from the cg centerline. that was enough that when it 
hit it pulled the car back to the left and the slip slide was on!  
Really an experience I do not want to do anymore, lol. I have fixed the 
problem by making the jam nut and the shaft for the locator link 
lockwired together. When torqued and lockwired, in two different places 
that should never ever happen again. The front never went sideways but 
just a bit because of all that caster in the steering, it was constantly 
changing directions to keep the wheels pointed forward as bet it could. 
Glad I did not have my thumbs hooked in the steering wheel! It went one 
way then the other a couple of times or two.  I have also procured a 
couple of Diamond Racing steel racing wheels for the back end. I found a 
small pinhole in the weld of one of the aluminum ones which is going to 
relegate thos ewheels to emergency tow use only. I am also deep into 
headers. Wow, having a common car where you can buy stuff over the 
counter has just gotta be fun...  Well, enough for today...lunch is ready

Glen Barrett wrote:

>Can he add spinning at speed.
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>>From another context but applicable:  "Let me count the reasons why!"
>>... and also out of context:  "Analyze This!"
>>Mayf, I know a good engraver ... for a few bucks more.
>>On Dec 10, 2007, at 11:02 AM, Sparky wrote:
>>>Mayf are they picking on you?
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