[Land-speed] Deceleration

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Tue Dec 4 13:50:39 MST 2007

I am sure that is an interesting book, but when I checked Amazon they 
had 5 *used* ones starting at *149 bucks*. Think I will pass, who has 
one to let me borrow, lol...

Dan Wright wrote:

>Bob W.
>I am currently reading an interesting book on the subject.
>Check out "Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual" by T.W. Knacke
>ISBN 0-915516-85-3
>It presents theory, and formulas written for those of us who are only
>moderately technically astute.
>It deals with exactly the information you asked about.
>Even if you ultimately acquire your parachute from one of the "Trusted"
>sources, you will be much
>better informed on the subject.
>Dan Wright

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