[Healeys] ignition warning light

Mark Donaldson ardmorebusiness at xtra.co.nz
Fri Sep 30 03:36:37 MDT 2022

Gary, and Simon,

I bought some last year for my BN2 and tri-carb.  They are 12v LEDs in GREEN.  I can now easily see the direction indicator light in daylight.

Make sure your LED is green, and not white, as the light intensity tends to bleach out the green of the plastic case.

Cost me NZ $7   That’s ‘peanuts’ in any currency.

My next job is to fit an audible alarm so that I can hear when the indicator is on.   Ditto for leaving my lights on.



Ardmore, NZ



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Pretty sure that you can’t use LED.

Mine was dim too but I found that to be function of the lens in the dial which, in my case, was too thick. Maybe – as I was recently advised here – take a sheet of thin acetate and punch the appropriate size hole.



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Is there a brighter bulb available for the ignition warning lite that will fit a stock 100 socket & be relatively easy to see if it is on or off in day light? I don't care if the bulb is LED or incandescent. 

Gary Hodson

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