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Now that we have lost the Queen, its time to reflect on her rein of
England. Some articles are already popping up in the media, like the
one below. However, I would like to remind everyone of our special
tribute to the Queen during her Coronation. The Austin-Healey 100 was
in production and as a token to her newly garnered throne, BMC
produced about 550 (620 according to Bill Piggott) special AH100 cars
painted in "Coronet Cream" The color lost popularity as time went on
and many of the original cars ended up painted red.
The first Coronet cream car was #140272, body 121, built in August
1953. I have found 85 cars painted this color in my Registry
records-where are the rest? One of the Healey list folks, Joe Costa
who was true to the Queen and his Healey, restored his car in CC.
Saying Britain’s Royal Family has a love of cars would be a bit of
an understatement, with an eclectic car collection [1] that included
cars from Daimler, to Vauxhall, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, JAGUAR [2]
and BENTLEY [3]. However, the late Queen Elizabeth II herself stands
out for being a royal auto enthusiast [4] who liked to drive herself
around, even if she never had a driver’s license! Heck, she even
liked getting her hands dirty, having been trained as a mechanic in
the Second World War [5].    [6] [7]  Remembering The Times Car Makers
Built Special Models For Queen Elizabeth II© Provided by HotCars   

	 Knowing that, it makes sense that car manufacturers have placed such
high importance on the royal patronage [8]. While the Queen’s
personal favourite brand is said to be Land Rover [9] (having owned
over 30), that hasn’t stopped Britain’s finest from preparing cars
for her, and in her tribute. 

[2] https://www.hotcars.com/tag/jaguar/?utm_source=syndication

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