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Rory- Rapid pulsing is air- if no fuel in the tank or plugged line it
will pulse rapidly but keep doing that until it finds fuel. Check the
level in the float bowls-if full- fuel pump will not pulse. Each time
you turn the key on, the pump may give one click and stop if normal.
As soon as there is a fuel demand the pump should click in a rhythmic,
not rapid mode.
If you now have no response from the pump it is possible that the
points are stuck or capacitor has fried. That will require removal of
the pump per the workshop book and adjust or fix problem.

Set the points throw over with an energized pump following the
procedure in the service manual. Good luck, Hank

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 Sounds like the fuel pumped worked as it should. The clicking means
it’s pumping. When the fuel line is fully pressurized, the pump
stops pumping (clicking). 

 Richard Mayor
boyracer466 at gmail.com

  On Sep 11, 2022, at 2:56 PM, Rory Janes via Healeys  wrote: 
 Here is a fuel pump question for a BJ8 3000 MK3: After sitting for
several months we started - cleaned up the car, then after washing the
next start attempt seemed like it was fuel starved. The usual click of
the fuel pump then pulsed very rapidly for a few seconds - then
stopped. Any ideas? Thanks Rory 1964 BJ8 

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