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Hi Simon:


My BT7 tri-carb, which is very close to yours in serial number from previous
conversations, has a blue high beam warning light (red ignition warning
light). I doubt that the UK / European cars were different - no indication
of different speedo / tach part numbers in the original parts books, but
perhaps another UK lister could chime in here and verify.  I suspect that
it's a typo in the Anderson Moment book.  The referral to 'ratio' is the
number that insures that the speedo head is is properly matched to the
different rear axle ratios that were used during the 6 cyl production - up
to the BJ8, which went to black instrument faces, and an electronic tach, as
Bob indicates.


Earl Kagna

Victoria, BC

BT7, BJ8




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We're looking at a MkII BT7 here....

So, my speedo has just come back from calibration and, comparing it to the
one still in the car I see that the former has a RED "Main beam warning
light" whereas the latter, still in the car, has a BLUE one. 

The bible, Anderson & Moment, is confused and confusing on the topic. Page
104:- "..next was the speedometer, with a number on its face indicating its
ratio, and which included a mileage meter, resettable odometer, and the RED
"ignition" (discharging) warning light....On the right was the tachometer
with a number on the face indicating the ratio, and incorporating the RED
high-beam warning light." 

Now, unless that all refers to LHD cars, that's just a muddle. Doubtless
subject to subsequent corrections.

However, it leaves me confused as to which colour is correct.




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