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When I began to work on my BJ8 I went to Walgreen and asked for large cardboard boxes, cut,flattened and laid them on the floor under and all around the car.  Then sprayed the under and all around the car engine etc. with cheap Dollar Store grease dissolving cleaner and power washed it.  The grease oil and dirt are absorbed by the cardboard and the water flows out the garage door and down the driveway.  The next day the cardboard is dry enough to roll it up and stuff into the garbage container.  The floor of the garage is nice and clean for working, but the underside of the Healey is oil and grease free for working and painting.  


Bob Begani

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I use large pieces of cardboard from furniture store discards and cut it to suit me for both my very very drippy AH and my slightly drippy 36 Chevy.  Cheap (free), foldable, light weight, cut to any shape/size. 


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We just got a new fancy brick driveway and there will be hell to pay if I drip oil on it.  just wondering what people use to protect the surfaces on which you park.  Preferably, I would like something that I could just slide under it when I park, and pull it out before I leave. Most things I've seen, if I leave behind when I pull away, will just blow away. I only have a couple of drips and I kind of know where they are, so I wouldn't need something really huge. I'm thinking maybe a cookie sheet, or something like that. I just wanted to see what are the options people use.

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