[Healeys] Oil drip protection

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Jim  Those fancy brick driveway tend to look too perfect and too manicured without oil drops or some grass growing in between. A bit of oil look like someone is using the driveway like someone is living there.

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We just got a new fancy brick driveway and there will be hell to pay if I drip oil on it.  just wondering what people use to protect the surfaces on which you park.  Preferably, I would like something that I could just slide under it when I park, and pull it out before I leave. Most things I've seen, if I leave behind when I pull away, will just blow away. I only have a couple of drips and I kind of know where they are, so I wouldn't need something really huge. I'm thinking maybe a cookie sheet, or something like that. I just wanted to see what are the options people use.
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