[Healeys] Overdrive Piston Rings

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Sun Sep 4 10:16:59 MDT 2022

The wide rings are expander rings and go first. Then the narrow rings go on. Do you have the pump out. If so take a close looks at the ball seat. They usually wear on one side, and will need to have a new seat cut so the check ball seats good on the pump body. 
This is a common problem causing low Previn the overdrive 

David Nock

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> On Sep 4, 2022, at 8:58 AM, Joseph Costa via Healeys <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:
> I have the larger overdrive piston from BCS -note to John many thanks for getting it here Friday - I have 4 thin rings and 2 larger rings.  Do the larger rings go on first and then the thinner over them.  I assume I should space them as piston rings are spaced.
> Second, I have a new spring and ball for the pump.  The springs are the same length but the new spring has fewer coils.  Which is the better option to use?
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