[Healeys] radiator leak

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Sep 2 08:51:30 MDT 2022

Have the tank resoldered, and while you're at it, get an upgraded core 
('Excel' brand of equivalent). In my experience, JB Weld and other 
adhesives work OK, at least temporarily when it's applied on the 
'inside' of a break or crack, when slapped on the 'outside,' as in this 
case, it's a quick fix at best. Plus, surfaces generally need to be 
really clean for any adhesive to work, in this case you'd be applying to 
old, dirty solder which has already failed.

A quick internet search on 'radiator repair near Portsmough NH' got a 
few hits. I'd probably start here:

On 9/2/2022 7:17 AM, Richard Antal via Healeys wrote:
> Greetings Healeyphiles,
>        My thanks to all for their directions on how to adjust the gas 
> pedal.
> And now another question: I noticed  radiator fluid oozing from the 
> seam where the upper tank is secured to the core. Does this need to be 
> re-welded or can a smear of JB Weld suffice? If re-soldering is 
> necessary, does anyone know of a repair facility in New England? The 
> BJ8 and I live in Portsmouth NH. Thanks for any suggestions.
> rich antal
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