[Healeys] It's not the starter

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Patrick- whenever I set an engine away for a time I remove the plugs
and spray some "fogging oil" into the cylinders-keeps rings and bore
from oxidation. Then when starting, it is free to move without
resistance. A good place to turn over the engine by hand is the crank
pully nut using a socket and long bar. If too wide, use a big 1 -7/16
open wrench (spanner). You should be able to rotate it thru
compression each stroke.
If all that works. then I agree with everyone else that there is
resistance or corrosion on the electrical connections. Don't know if
the BN3 had a master switch but that is one source of issues. I find
on my 100, 2-six volt connections, that the rear crossover cable
helmet must be in perfect contact or it will click the solenoid.
Yes, only two issue-one mechanical and the other electrical-hope for
poor connections. Regards, Hank

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  Just thought of another possibility: I’ve had solenoids going bad
that exhibited similar symptoms. Try bypassing the solenoid (can be
done with a couple large screwdrivers or jumper cable). 
On May 22, 2022, at 9:32 AM, jim via Healeys  wrote:

     High resistance in heavy current path from battery to starter
(likely corrosion) to ground

  (battery)-->>--(solenoid)-->>--starter-->>--(ground)measure voltage
across solenoid (could have high resistance contacts when operated) 

 connect voltmeter between battery and solenoid, note voltage (should
be zero) try start, note voltage (should still be zero), section out
heavy current path accordingly ...

    On Sunday, May 22, 2022, 04:35:44 AM PDT, Patrick & Caroline Quinn
via Healeys  wrote: 


	A problem to consider. 

	Went to turn the engine over in the BN3. An early C-Series
six-cylinder. Rebuilt about five years back, but seen next to no use. 

	Solenoid clicks, but no movement from the engine. Must be the battery
so charged it, but no change. Tried a brand new battery, but still no

	Out comes the starter and connect it straight to the battery. Whirr
away on the floor. Perhaps the original Lucas starter is breaking down
under load? 

	It occurs to me to try and turn the engine over by hand. Gearbox
tunnels not fitted so easy to wield a large screwdriver to leaver the
flywheel, after removing the spark plugs. It moves about six teeth of
the ring gear, but no more. It moves back the same in the other
direction, but no further. Soon lose interest in this manoeuvre. 

	What’s up? Why won’t the engine turn over? Thinking cap on and
perhaps it’s something at the top of the engine such as valve gear.
Perhaps there is a bent valve? 

	Any opinions out there? 

	Many thanks 

	Patrick Quinn 

	Blue Mountains, Australia 

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