[Healeys] Brake backing plate bolts

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Sounds like someone was using the original nylocks and didn't trust them to lock a second time. Thus the redundant lock washers.

Bill Lawrence
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I recently disassembled a rear end to convert to disc brakes. The backing plates were held on only with nyloc nuts - no washers.

Richard Mayor
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Learned gentlemen,

When I took the backing plates off the rear axle of my ’62 BT7 race car the four bolts each side had Nyloc nuts, with lock washers underneath.
With the lock washer in place the top of the thread did not connect with the nylon – but it did with the washer removed.
The parts book shows just the bolts and nuts.  It does not show any washers.
As the car was built in Hayward, CA, in the mid-seventies as a track car, there is much about it which is not standard.

My questions are:

  1.  Are the Nyloc nuts correct and, if not, what should be there?
  2.  Is it correct to have no washers under the nuts?  I would have though it correct to have at least a thin flat washer, even though the parts book appears to show none.



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