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Very interesting, Simon. Thanks for the update.

On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 12:29 PM Simon Lachlan via Healeys <
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> Back in mid-April I posted a long and detailed question with regard to my
> OD, how it didn’t appear to be coming out of overdrive. This being
> subsequent to it frying its solenoid.
> I received a LOT of detailed suggestions and advice for which I am, as
> ever, very grateful.
> I thought that I’d bring you up to date with the issue which is, cross
> fingers, resolved.
> So……I was able to determine that it was not stuck in overdrive so that was
> a relief.
> I was further able to determine that I could set it by every means from a
> dial gauge, the drill bit, guesstimates, whatever. I’d set it and it would
> seem to be “just right”. But when I got the engine running and the box in 3
> rd or 4th and running at +/- 500psi, it all went wrong.
> I tried everything, spent hours on it. Could NOT get the bloody thing to
> work.
> In the end, I took the gearbox out and lugged it up to OD Spares about 190
> miles away. Not a huge distance, I know, but a PITA with our congested
> motorways. The deal was that they’d start on it as soon as I arrived,
> 08:30, and keep going until it was fixed.
> Dave – he’s pretty much The Man on ODs over here – found two issues which,
> together, were causing the problem:-
> 1)      The solenoid had an intermittent failure which was internal ie no
> amount of dicking around with the points could fix it. (Brand new, just out
> of the box).
> 2)      More interestingly – and first time I’ve ever heard of this one –
> the pinch lever thingie that’s hooked onto the solenoid’s plunger and which
> turns the shaft…that could not be tightened up enough. What was happening
> was this…it would do the business when there was no pressure in the OD and
> I’d get it set. ie there was no resistance from the 500psi and the pinch
> was just tight enough. Then, under pressure, it would slip and not be able
> to move the rod that lifts the ball.
> Particularly when taken together, I think that’s a sensible synopsis of
> what was going on.
> Dave said what we all know…that the new “Lucas” solenoids are not really
> Lucas at all….just made to look like Lucas. He gave me a used one out of
> stock, genuine article. And he swapped my new pinch lever thingie for an
> NOS. That last item was also brand new so you might look carefully at any
> new ones that you buy. May be a bad batch out there….Simple enough to fix
> it. Just run a hack saw through the split and make it a fraction wider.
> Anyhow, the box is still on the garage floor and I just hope it’ll all
> work when I get it all back together.
> Simon Lachlan
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