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Thank you for checking.  I feel better about my decision.

Thanks for all the responses.


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I have gone through all my TSBs but couldn't find the 1 that I was looking for.
As I recall there was one, I seem to remember that I was applicable to the 100/6 engine, that said to delete the bottom ring during rebuilds.


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Hoping to validate my decision before buttoning things up on my 100 engine. Ordered .020 over standard (not 100M) piston set from Moss. Piston is a 4 ring piston, but came with 5 rings. They were identified where each ring should be fitted #1-5, with #4 (3 piece oil control ring), and #5 (one piece oil control ring). Obviously not a groove for #5. Ring set was marked 100/100M, so I'm assuming they send the same set for both and you just leave off the #5 (one piece oil control ring) on the 100 pistons. This is what I decided to do. Now Moss's 4 ring set on the website shows the three upper rings and the #4 ring being the 3 piece oil control ring reinforcing the thought that the #5 (one piece ring) should be disregarded.

Called Moss Tech support and after a week they got back to me and said that he didn't know the answer, and they would get back to me. That was another week ago and still no answer.  Also nothing is indicated in the piston directions.  Thought I would check to see if anyone on the list ran across this?
TY, Shawn

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"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."
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