[Healeys] BN1/2 Hard hot start.

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 16:57:51 MDT 2022

Hi Michael -

Actually, my feeling is the problem is often caused further back with
vaporization occurring around the fuel pump when the car sits and heat from
the exhaust floats up to the pump when the car is still.  Wrapping the
pipes under the fuel pump with some header wrap seems to really help (or
maybe wrapping the fuel pump with header wrap).

Another simple solution revolves around the process of fuel feed around the
carbs - A90 owners always zip tie a long piece of wood along the fuel feed
pipe under the front carb and that seems to eliminate the vaporization
problems.  You may try another piece of wood on the cross feed between the
carbs.  Might be a simple test to check if that works, and if so maybe the
solution is just putting some wood pieces on the outside of the fuel

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On Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 1:04 PM Michael Salter <michaelsalter at gmail.com>

> Like most 100's my early BN1 runs very well until I  try to restart it
> after parking for a few minutes after which it is hard to start and runs
> badly for the first mile or so.
> This is of course a well known issue with these cars, which is caused by
> fuel boiling, and many people, including myself, have tried various types
> of heatshields in relatively unsuccessful attempts to eliminate this issue
> which has been exacerbated by the ethanol content of modern fuels.
> I'm contemplating a different approach.
> I have purchased an aftermarket windshield washer kit and I'm considering
> installing it with a button control to spray a mist of water onto the area
> of the main jet and bottom of the float chamber which I will use for a few
> seconds before a hot start.
> The idea is that the water mist will cool the area and prevent the fuel
> boiling there.
> Before I  try it I was wondering if anyone has tried this and if so what
> were the results.
> M
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