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Thanks for this. I shall try to clarify.

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Hello Simon,

Something about what you do to release the OD is crucial and the rest is
extraneous.  So, please forgive my dumb questions.  If you move it in and
out of OD by moving the stick left to right and Engine On, it doesn't
release? .
> No, it doesn't
 If you just turn off the engine and ignition, then what?
> Gauge stays at 500+psi
  Does it release then?
> No and the gauge stays still at 500+ when one might expect it to drop,
even if drop very slowly.
 Or only when you move the stick?
>The gauge drops in increments every time one moves the stick left to right.
  Or what?
>My impression, per my original email, is that the electrics work fine
because it passes all the tests that I mentioned. Furthermore, one gets the
impression that something internal is preventing the OD's >release. ie that
the electrics perform properly but they cannot force the OD to release.
That, as I see it, is the opposite of usual ie one often finds that an OD's
mechanics are fully functional but it won't work >because of an electrical
issue such as the points being stuck inside the relay.
The answers to questions like these ought to distinguish electrical from
mechanical sources for the problem.
>I'm not 100% sure, of course, but I really feel that the problem is
internal to the OD itself. As I said previously, if it was electrical I
could probably fix it. This pressure business, this stuck OD, this virtual
explosion is all something new to me. And, I suspect, the blown gauge,
ruptured gasket and consequent leak are new to nearly all of us. I've never
heard of the like, for sure.

Wishing you the best possible luck.
>Thanks. I'm going to need it. I hate the thought of pulling the box out
again, lugging it up north again, putting it back in and have the cycle
start again. A Toyota 5 speed beckons.

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On Sat, 18 Jun 2022 11:17:36 +0100, you wrote:

> The needle goes up to 500+ and stays there until I move it in and out of
OD by moving the stick left to right with the ignition on and the engine

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