[Healeys] Stainless exhaust again

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Jun 14 09:06:34 MDT 2022

I think the Ansa/Ferrari sound is attributable somewhat to the chrome 
tips, which are essentially little glasspack mufflers.

On 6/14/2022 4:55 AM, rfbegani at gmail.com wrote:
> 40 plus years ago when I bought my 67 Healey, I purchased a stainless 
> steel exhaust package from Moss and never had a problem with the 
> system. They must have had a good supplier then.  However, it spent a 
> lot of time in the garage as I traveled around the world selling 
> Stuff.  When we bought our retirement home in Florida in 2009 the 
> Healey was trucked there,  has lived in our garage and spent lots of 
> miles on the road until the engine was pulled and rebuilt 3 summers 
> ago.  At that time, I looked carefully at the exhaust system and found 
> no cracks or rust.  By the way, I did not like to see the ss pipes and 
> mufflers under the car, so I painted them heat resistant black years 
> ago.  After a power wash, I repainted them again with heat resistant 
> black paint before reinstalling.
> The only repair was the hangers in some cases had separated from the 
> rubber, so I drilled a hole in both the hanger and the rubber and 
> installed SS screws in all of them to hold them together a trick I 
> learned from this forum several years ago.
> Yes, the flex pipes and the connections were leaking exhaust for the 
> first 1,000 miles and slowly quieted down as I used exhaust pipe 
> compound when assembling the system. Otherwise, they are fine.  
> Unfortunately, the exhaust sound is not that of a Ferrari. I believe 
> there is nothing in the muffler or the resonator which gives the car a 
> nice rap when shifting gears.  Maybe my exhaust system will last 
> another 10 or 20 years in Florida.  Oh yes, while I do go to the 7/11 
> from time to time, fill up the tank, I turn on to the Tamiami Trail 
> where in a few miles I can be up to 65 MPH and the engine is hot all 
> the time for a 40-mile round trip in the county.  Keeps the old girl 
> happy and me also.
> The old girl is up on the rack with high pressure in the tires and 
> sleeping in the Florida garage for the summer presently while I am 
> enjoying cooler temperatures and sailing in Lake Michigan.
> Best regards to all,
> Bob Begani
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