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These parts lists and manuals can be found on my site under the manuals
section. Thanks to John New and Larry Varley

John Sims
Matawan, NJ

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I just wanted to point out a couple of things.

<shameless plug>

First, *everyone* should have easy access to the BN4-BJ8 Austin-Healey Parts
Lists over at LBCdigital.com.

Second, the .pdf that Harold sent around is a page output from the BJ8 Parts
List, also from LBCdigital. See how nice and pretty the copy is, with no
oil/water/gas stains or smudged, greasy fingerprints to get in the way of
the beautiful parts diagram? That's also how I knew it was from LBCdigital!

(Note: While I used to sell these Parts Lists on CD, they are now free for
anyone to access.)

London, Ontario Canada
1967 BJ8

On Sunday, January 9, 2022 7:43:52 PM EST Harold Manifold via Healeys wrote:
> David,
> I just happened to have my parts books open when your email came. The part
in pictures looks like the air intake assembly for the LHS of the car. The
part number is 14B7711 and I believe the same part was used on the BN4
through BJ8. See attached scan.
> Harold
> From: David Lodge via Healeys
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> To: Austin Healey
> Cc: David Lodge
> Subject: [Healeys] Fw: Pics
> Hello Group,
> Can anybody please help with this part?  It came out of my BJ8, but to me,
it looks for all the world like it came from a BN-1/BN-2, especially as the
flange appears to have been, er, modified?  At least from what I can make of
the drawings in the various part lists.
> Thanks.

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