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Keith: you might like the conversation about an item that the factory did not install.  The box under the bell housing to catch the oil drips.  It really works and there are several members of this list who have one. Simple to make and install.

The item the factory forgot to include..

Bob Begani

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friend's bt7 had chattering clutch.  when we pulled trans discovered the oil seal housing and trans was shot.  
replaced seal and problem solved.

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>  Yes, I found the same problem after rebuilding my engine 2 years ago. 
> We did install a real seal and thought the oil
leak problem would be gone. Only my leaking is more serious and must be from the cam opening even though my machinist buddy applied sealer to the gasket.    First, I Installed a PCV valve in a hose from the 2nd opening in the top of the rear intake manifold to the top of the valve cover T and created a negative pressure in the engine and crankcase thereby reduced the oil leaking into the bell housing, but not before coating the clutch disk. As a result, I have slippage at high-speed shifting.  2 weeks ago, I have installed the pan you have mentioned and the 1/8 copper line to the intake manifold. That has helped to keep most of the oil from dripping on the floor of my garage.  I am watching the color of my spark plugs to see if there is any problem fouling the last 3 plugs with oil.  So far so good.  I can now drive farther than
25 miles.  But I will still carry a gallon of oil just in case.  
>  Nevertheless, there is still some dripping in front of the seam 
> between the backing plate and the engine. .   I am
hoping to pull the trans and bell housing to replace the gasket with a heavy gasket and lots of modern sealing such as the Right Stuff to stop the leak permanently.as others have done. Any other suggestions while we are getting into the backing plate to stopping the oil leaks?
>  Only wish that I had known of the problem of the cam opening from you 
> and others before rebuilding the engine.  My
brother and a mechanic friend say today's modern sealers allow metal to metal sealing without gaskets although on older engines it is best to use both.
>  Regards,
>  Bob Begani
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>  when i rebuilt my engine in 97 i put on a rear seal.  mine also 
> leaked and i pulled it apart again.  discovered oil coming
down from cam.  there was no cam cap.  the gasket is all that holds the oil in.  replace gasket and have lived with a small oil drip since that time.  i fabricated a drip pan and extended the rear manifold drain into the pan.  vacuum from manifold sucks up the oil drop by drop.
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> Oil leak from rear of engine  >  Sent: Jan 05 '22 09:25  >  >  I know 
> there have been discussions on oil leak from the rear of the  > 
> engine. However, in reading through the archives I found this inquiry:
>  >
>  >
>  >  When I rebuilt my AH3000 engine, I fitted an after market rear seal.
>  >
>  >  Unfortunately after I buttoned everything up and started the 
> engine I  >  >  discovered a troublesome oil leak. So out came the 
> gearbox, the  > clutch  >  >  >  flywheel and the engine back plate. 
> Upon careful examination of the  >  >  rear seal, I can find 
> absolutely no leak. However, there is oil  > weeping  >  >  from the 
> bearing cap that holds the cam in place.
>  >
>  >  Is this normal? Can the bearing be replaced with the engine in the  
> > car?
>  >
>  >  Thanks,
>  >
>  >  Larry Swift
>  >
>  >  There were no responses to the inquiry. So can the cap that holds 
> the  > cam in place be removed while the engine is in the car. Could 
> the cap  > be sealed from the outside with todays technology of 
> sealants? Also,  > according to the external engine diagrams in the 
> moss catalog it does  > not show the back of the engine or the cap.
>  >
>  >  Looking for answers to my continued oil leak problems.
>  >
>  >  Regards,
>  >
>  >  Bob Begani
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