[Healeys] List archives

Mark Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Thu Jan 6 09:44:17 MST 2022

First off, I made a slight change to the footer for the real time 
messages so that clicking on the second archive link takes you right to 
the healeys archive, not the top level Team Net archive list.

And no, when you type something into the search string box, it searches 
the ENTIRE healeys archive, you do not have to do it on a month by month 
basis.  For a while I was looking into having the capability to search 
the archives of ALL lists, as there are many problems that Healeys, 
Triumphs, MGs et al have in common.  That seemed an insurmountable task 
given the tools at hand.

That being said, I am not sure how long those archives will be 
searchable.  Currently the search engine behind it all is based on 
MhonArc and Namazu, some software written decades ago, hasn't been 
supported for years, no bug fixes, no maintenance patches, nothing like 
that.  It is basically, rusty, rotten software that I have been keeping 
together with bubble gum and bailing wire, like a 60 year old British car.

I run Fedora 29 on the Team Net server.  The current Fedora version is 
35.  But if I update Team Net, the versions of perl and python would get 
updated, and would most likely completely break the current archive 
collection and search capability.

I could just say, "Too bad.  It's gone."  But there is TONS of info 
collected in the 30 years of email that has flowed through this 
machine.  It is nice to have it available.  And maybe using Google would 
be enough.

Or maybe there are up to date, actively supported email/archive/search 
packages out there that would be a vast improvement over the rickety 
house of cards that is the current situation.  Or maybe after over 30 
years I could just say goodbye, and pull the plug.  The end of the road.

But I really don't want to do that.  I am 67, been doing Team Net nearly 
half my life.  Sometimes hard for me to believe that such a 
scatterbrained procrastinator like me, the man behind the curtain, has 
kept the bits flowing for all these years.

We shall see what happens as we motor on in to our 4th decade of 
Team.Net - the dot is not silent.


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