[Healeys] Oil leak from rear of engine

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I was always concerned about (soft) copper washers squishing and 
relieving tension on the bolts, so I put grade 8 flat washers on top of 
the copper. In fact, I almost always use grade 8 flat washers, except 
where inconsequential (they don't cost much than the flimsy ones).

On 1/5/2022 10:55 AM, David Nock BCS wrote:
> Also take a close look at the bolt that hold the bell housing to the 
> transmisison case. They go thru into the oil in the transmission and 
> will leak. When rebuilding a transmission we always use copper washers 
> with out the lock washers and thread sealer.
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> If you pull your gearbox, also check the seal on the gearbox input 
> shaft. It goes to the same place engine oil does.
> On 1/5/2022 6:28 AM, rfbegani at gmail.com wrote:
>> I know there have been discussions on oil leak from the rear of the 
>> engine.  However, in reading through the archives I found this inquiry:
>> When I rebuilt my AH3000 engine, I fitted an after market rear seal.
>> Unfortunately after I buttoned everything up and started the engine I
>> discovered a troublesome oil leak.  So out came the gearbox, the clutch
>> flywheel and the engine back plate.  Upon careful examination of the
>> rear seal, I can find absolutely no leak.  However, there is oil weeping
>> from the bearing cap that holds the cam in place.
>> Is this normal?  Can the bearing  be replaced with the engine in the 
>> car?
>> Thanks,
>> Larry Swift
>> There were no responses to the inquiry.  So can the cap that holds 
>> the cam in place be removed while the engine is in the car. Could the 
>> cap be sealed from the outside with todays technology of sealants? 
>> Also, according to the external engine diagrams in the moss catalog 
>> it does not show the back of the engine or the cap.
>> Looking for answers to my continued oil leak problems.
>> Regards,
>> Bob Begani
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